There are 1.6 million people in Philadelphia - people that are hurting and seeking truth. Although the city has deep roots in religion and established churches, the vast majority of Philadelphians are not plugged into a local church. Philadelphia lost a reported 1,214 lives to overdose in 2020, the murder rate hit a reported historic level of 561 in 2021, and it is the poorest of the ten largest cities in America. Additionally, only 14.8% of our population is actually scripture engaged - a 6.7% decline since 2020. The truth is that consistent church attendance significantly improves your mental health.

People who attend a Christian church regularly are 29% less likely to be depressed, five times less likely to commit suicide, have reduced anxiety, and are the only population segment whose mental health improved during 2020. One of the most evangelistic things we can do is establish neighborhood-driven churches that become part of the community. And right now, as many are leaving the city in droves, we are telling our city that we aren’t going anywhere!

A Letter from our lead pastors

Our church has battled back over the last few years with incredible fortitude from the Holy Spirit. We’ve opened new locations, moved venues many times, hired staff, fasted, prayed, and have positioned ourselves for this tremendous move of God. There’s only one piece left for us to overcome together, and that is finding long term facilities for some locations.

One of the greatest challenges and threats to our generational viability is the insecurity of where we gather. From landlords, to city regulations, and ultimately not being in control of our own destiny, our ability to serve our communities and evangelize effectively is greatly limited. For us to truly be here to stay, we must acquire our own strategic bases throughout our city and region. As you prayerfully read through this brochure, we’re certain that God will compel you to sacrifice and significantly participate in this “impossible” venture of securing facilities in Philadelphia and reviving every block. This mandate is a reminder of  Luke 18:27, “Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’”

With that, we love you so much and are thrilled to partner together in this remarkable season and adventure.

Here to Stay,

Pastors Joey and Lauren Furjanic

Salvation Responses
Invested into Church Planting, Missions, and Our City
Community Hours Served


Why Do We Need This?

The Block Church can no longer leave our destiny and future in the hands of landlords. During 2020, we learned how volatile and vulnerable our ministry could be without having our own spaces to gather for services, base outreach out of, do personal ministry, and broadcast to the world.

Furthermore, as our church ages, we must consider the longevity and energy of our extraordinary volunteers as they’ve consistently set up and torn down countless places. To maximize reaching people for Jesus and to provide sustainable ministry long term, acquiring facilities in strategic places is our best next move. Finally, not having a larger facility or a broadcast facility limits our ability to host large events, worship concerts, conferences, large scale outreaches, and midweek opportunities. 

What Is The Urgency?

From one being the lowest and ten being the highest, we’re at an eleven. We have contracts and leases that are ending without guarantee of renewal. We are especially limited in parking and growth space (specifically in The Block Kids), so to identify, purchase, and renovate in sooner than two years is in our best interest.

Our Projects

As we’ve researched property, construction costs, and worked with design builders to determine what we need, we’ve approximated what some of these facilities could cost. The examples listed aren’t final, but they are a way for us to understand the potential opportunities before us. You’ll see a goal amount for us to raise as a church family that would go to support loans and construction. 

Port Richmond/Español

$1.9 Million

Northeast Broadcast Building

$3.7 Million

Northwest Location

$2.4 Million

Here To Stay Media

Why "Here To Stay" with Pastor Joey and Lauren Furjanic
Stories of Life Change

WHAT’S my part?


Beyond your current giving, which funds all operational costs (current facilities, ministry, missions giving, and staff), we’re asking each person to make a prayerful and sacrificial commitment to the Here to Stay campaign. It will certainly take all of us and our goal is 100% participation over the next two years.

Ways to give

You can give via check made out to The Block Church with “Here to Stay” in the memo line. 

Give online by going to, following the prompts, and selecting “Here to Stay” as the fund from the drop down menu. 

Give via text by texting “TBCGIVE” TO 94000, following the prompts, and selecting “Here to Stay” from the drop down menu. To give non-cash stored assets, crypto, stocks, or bonds, please email 

Give to Here To Stay

View the official Here To Stay brochure



Kids & Youth

Radical gun violence, drug culture, and broken families have deeply wounded our next generation in Philadelphia. Our aim isn’t just to babysit or play games at youth group; we are raising up leaders and world changers to revive our city and world for generations to come. 


One thing about us is that we’re gonna throw a party! In a lot of ways, events and outreach is the motor that drives our evangelism efforts. We take great joy in throwing all sorts of special events to draw the lost, bless the community, and build the saints. We believe church should be full of unforgettable experiences and that’s what we aim to do every time we put an event on the calendar.


Taking the step to be baptized in water is how people go public with their faith and where the commitment in front of friends, family, and the local church is made! It’s the outward expression of their internal decision to follow Jesus Christ and we make a big deal out of Baptism Sundays! We have seen hundreds of people make this decision, including children, youth, parents, grandparents, and people in recovery. It compels us every time to keep inviting people to church so that our friends and neighbors can experience that same power. 

Beyond our walls

We believe the local church is the annuity for global and local missions. We’re able to reach out, serve, fund, and innovate in many communities. In fact, as you read this, we will have given away over one million dollars to local and global efforts throughout our existence.

The Block Cares
Our vision is to develop initiatives centered on the kids and youth of our city who are most significantly impacted by the unique challenges of their environment. Through mentorship and community programs, we seek to provide stability and support to empower vision for a future that goes beyond current circumstances.
Serve Saturday
Serving is essential to evangelism and lets those in our city know we love them. This isn’t just something we do, it’s who we are. Once a month, we take our efforts to the streets through a variety of projects that make a difference in our communities.
Church Planting
Not only do we do our part in multiplying through locations, but we believe in the need for community churches around the world. Because of that, we help start churches both nationally and globally through direct relationships and network partnerships. 
Distaster Relief
Because of our generosity, we have been able to meet the needs of disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Ukraine, and other places through national and global partners. 
Global Missions
We’ve been funding foreign missionaries since we launched in 2014 and will continue our support as well as expanding these efforts steadily.